My Kitchen Rules
"My Kitchen Rules" Australia 2016 judges Manu Feildel and Pete Evans. Facebook/My Kitchen Rules

Everybody expected WA mother-son duo Anna and Jordan to be facing VIC sisters Tasia and Gracia in the “My Kitchen Rules” Australia 2016 finals. Instead, they will be facing the underdogs and “not-so-liked” couple Carmine and Lauren. Tuesday’s grand finale is set to be a scorcher and will make the ratings soar.

In any case, the real winner will be Channel Seven. But as far as the teams are concerned, MKR fans are sure that Tasia and Gracia will sweep the finals clean and believe Carmine and Lauren do not stand a chance against the “Spice Sisters.”

Even though Tasia and Gracia have never disappointed judges the entire season, Carmine and Lauren are being looked at as the team that can cause major upsets despite their shaky start. Fans fear the Italians may have the last laugh. However, that has not stopped them from thrashing the couple for their overconfident attitude.

“There is something wrong with a show where #carminelauren beat #annajordan. Not watching #mkr next season,” a tweet said.

“Honestly Carmine and Lauren are THE worst finalists that #MKR has ever had. Just an absolute joke considering how bad they've cooked,” another Tweet read.

Another Twitter user compared Carmine and Lauren to “Game of Thrones” Season 6’s transformed Melisandre and compared Tasia and Gracia to the beautiful Red Woman.

Another “My Kitchen Rules” Australia 2016 fan was clearly annoyed with the judges for praising Carmine and Lauren.

“Geez, the judges never stop praising Carmine and Lauren even when they haven't tasted their food yet,” she tweeted.

Gracia, although appreciative of Carmine and Lauren’s cooking abilities, is confident that the dishes they have chosen for the grand finale will showcase their very best. But Gracia feels that Carmine and Lauren may be a threat, reports

However, judge Manu Feildel feels that Carmine and Lauren are very focused in the kitchen and make a great team together. He also pointed out that Tasia and Gracia, being sisters, have the advantage of direct communication and that may be a time-saver in pressure situations.

According to Sunshine Coast Daily, Manu believes that time management will the greatest challenge in the MKR grand finale. He is expecting top quality food to be prepared in Tuesday’s cook off and feels that both teams deserve to be in the final.

“Definitely. Carmine and Lauren have fought their way into the grand final through multiple sudden death cook-offs and Tasia and Gracia have been very consistent with their cooking throughout the instant restaurants and challenges. So yes, both teams well and truly deserve to be there,” he said.