My Kitchen Rules
"My Kitchen Rules" Australia 2016 mother-son duo Anna and Jordan. Facebook/My Kitchen Rules

It was a shock “My Kitchen Rules” Australia 2016 viewers did not see coming. Peoples’ favourite, Anna and Jordan, the mother-son duo whom everybody loved, had to leave the competition after losing out to Italian couple Carmine and Lauren. The feisty couple were the underdogs and everyone expected Anna and Jordan’s culinary skills to emerge victorious once again. However, time management became an issue for the two.

Tweets started pouring in where Anna and Jordan admirers expressed their disappointment.

“It's just a shell of an oyster. Oysters come in shells. It's not like they put cyanide in your dish,” tweeted one Anna and Jordan fan, referring to Liz Egan’s comment of “slightly unpleasant” after she found an oyster shell in the dish.

“#MKR Jordan and anna i cried, u guys are the best all the best!” wrote another fan.

However, Jordan, being the sweet boy that he is, said that Carmine and Lauren were underestimated in the competition just because the two had to fight for their place in the showdowns and he and his mum had a smooth run. Jordan said that Carmine and Lauren’s hiccups in the competition actually gave them an edge and made them stronger as a team.

“I think everyone underestimated them — they are really amazing cooks. We saw how hard they worked so we are not surprised to lose to them at all,” he said.

However, Jordan sincerely believes that VIC sisters Tasia and Gracia cannot be beaten even on his best day.

“I don’t think they can be beaten. I don’t think I could have beaten them on my best day,” he said.

Although Jordan was reduced to tears after the shock verdict by MKR judges, his mother Anna emerged as the real winner. She remained upbeat and would not change her experience for the world. In words that would bring tears to anyone’s eyes, she said how she wanted her son to remember her about their time in MKR should she have dementia later in her life, reports AAA Weekend (via The West Australian).

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I am so proud we did it together. I often say to him, ‘When I get to dementia you have to remind me what we did,’ but I am sure I will never forget the experience,” Anna said.

However, Anna and Jordan have plenty of plans and their popularity will help them surely. Both are planning to write a cookbook together, and Jordan has elaborate plans of tapping into social media to release his series of cooking tutorials. He is also planning to open a cafe.

Mother Anna said she will be totally supportive of her son’s endeavours and happily take care of her pasta-making duties. She also wants to develop her own cooking classes. But what the mum really wants is her son to become an LGBTQI youth role model.

“Jordan has always been openly gay and it’s very important to him to make people more comfortable with being gay and make it something that people don’t have to think twice about,” Anna explained.