My Kitchen Rules
"My Kitchen Rules" Australia 2016 final winners Tasia and Gracia ecstatic after their win. Facebook/My Kitchen Rules

“My Kitchen Rules” Australia 2016 final’s flavour fight was a sight to behold. Carmine and Lauren and Tasia and Gracia made it extremely difficult for the judges to decide at first. However, in the end, the skilled sisters proved they were too strong a team to defeat. They ended their five-course meal with a near-perfect score of 57 out of 60, though Carmine and Lauren put up their toughest fight and ended six points behind with a total score of 51. The sisters took away the prize money of $250,000 and were ecstatic at their success.

The most inspiring thing to watch on Tuesday’s MKR final was the respect that the two teams had for each other; there was no name calling, no confusion, only pure healthy competition. Even being the underdogs, Carmine and Lauren never failed to pack a punch in their five-course meal. Most importantly, they were happy to be defeated by a team that they thought were the best and deserved to win.

Carmine and Lauren, who have faced a lot of flak from “My Kitchen Rules” 2016 fans for their overconfidence and feisty attitude, accepted defeat graciously and without a fuss. It was something well-admired by everybody and nice to watch.

It was not the teams but the judges who had a tough time. The teams set their taste buds on fire with their mouth-watery treats. But it was also the sisters’ use of heavy spices that had the judges begging for relief.

Tasia and Gracia's grand finale menu

  • First course: Seared scallops with betel leaf
  • Second course: Chicken ribs with chilli and sweet soy
  • Third course: Grilled king prawns with balado and a quail egg
  • Fourth course: Crispy skin duck with green chilli sambal
  • Dessert: Pandan pudding with coconut and kaffir lime ice cream

Carmine and Lauren’s grand finale menu

  • First course: Beef carpaccio with porcini cream
  • Second course: Milk-braised pork belly with scallop and apple
  • Third course: Saffron linguine with butter poached bug tail
  • Fourth course: Beef sirloin with Madeira jus and mushrooms
  • Dessert: Chocolate, cherry and coconut

Tasia and Gracia’s crispy skin duck with green chilli sambal made judge Guy Grossi say that it was one of the most perfect dishes in the competition. But when the sisters served their “sublime” dessert of pandan pudding with coconut and kaffir lime ice cream, Colin Fassnidge breathed a sigh of relief. In fact, all the judges nearly sprang on the dessert to calm their taste buds.

The judges couldn’t criticise any of the team’s dishes. There were no major criticisms, mistakes or faults. However, it was the sisters’ skills and technique and clever balance of flavours that made them the champions.

“Guys you don’t need $250,000, you open a sauce factory and you’ll be loaded because I tell you, I’d buy it,” Colin promised Tasia and Gracia.

Gracia said that she was ecstatic as both of them won the competition together and that this win was their greatest achievement till date. She added that the sisters are planning to bring street Indonesian food to Australia. The sisters said that they have planned to use their prize money launch a range of special recipe condiments.