My Kitchen Rules 2016
"My Kitchen Rules" Australia 2016 participants Gianni and Zana and Mitch and Laura. Facebook/My Kitchen Rules

VIC’s Mitch and Laura’s hope to stay alive in the competition was quickly snuffed out by too confident Gianni and Zana. Their ‘Black Mountain’ Chocolate Molten Lava Cake was awarded “the strongest dish of the night” by “My Kitchen Rules” Australia 2016 judge Pete Evans.

They finished with a total score of 71 and that meant end of road for Mitch and Laura. The final scores of the teams were 60 for Mitch and Laura, 71 for Gianni and Zana, 72 for Anna and Jordan, 77 for Carmine and Lauren, and 85 for Tasia and Gracia.

On Thursday night, sisters Tasia and Gracia will take on MKR villains Gianni and Zana for semi-final one, and on Monday, semi-final two will see mother-son duo Anna and Jordan take on underdogs Carmine and Lauren. The winner of each semi-final will fight for the top honour on Tuesday.

Sisters Tasia and Gracia are the biggest threat. Despite an off-colour start, the two managed to wow the judges and fellow participants as MKR progressed. They now hold the top spot on the leader board, winning the ultimate instant restaurant round.

Gianni and Zana have openly admitted Tasia and Gracia’s cooking prowess. They are aware of the fact that the sisters are the strongest team.

“The fact they converted me into loving Asian food says a lot. It’s a very big deal. I said to them, ‘Your food so far is the best I’ve tasted in the competition,'” Zana said of the sisters.

Even Jordan said that he breathed a sigh of relief when it was declared that they will be facing Carmine and Lauren and not the sisters.

“I didn’t think anybody would be capable of beating them because they’re just unstoppable,” Jordan said of the sisters.

However, Carmine and Lauren are going to make it really tough for Anna and Jordan. It won’t be an easy ride for the two as Carmine and Lauren are preparing hard to show their mettle.

“My Kitchen Rules” Australia 2016 continues 7:30 p.m. tonight on Channel Seven.