My Kitchen Rules
"My Kitchen Rules" 2016 judges Pete Evans and Manu Feildel wonder what Adelaide couple Carmine and Lauren have in store for them. Facebook/My Kitchen Rules

Monday night’s “My Kitchen Rules” 2016 episode saw SA couple Carmine and Lauren win judges’ hearts despite being subjected to strategic scoring. The couple, who are mostly criticised on social media for their cocky behaviour, impressed thoroughly with their two entrees, mains and desserts.

The two’s Italian-inspired menu drew high praises from the judges even though other participants gave them low scores. VIC siblings Mitch and Laura were especially harsh with their scoring as they gave them five out of 10, taking the opportunity to boost themselves from the bottom of the leader board.

As VIC sisters Tasia and Gracia are at the top of the scoring table, they were generous with their score of eight. VIC’s Gianni and Zana and WA’s Anna and Jordan gave them seven each. However, strategic scoring could not keep the two chained as at the end of their instant restaurant round, the two secured a total score of 77 out of 100, which sent them straight to the semis.

As one’s loss is another’s gain, Mitch and Laura’s only hope to stay alive in the competition depends on either on either Anna and Jordan or Gianni and Zana’s failure. The results will be known in the coming two nights.

Carmine and Lauren prepared vitello tonnato and duck breast with figs and vincotto for the entrees. The first one got them a 10 from Pete and second one a seven from Manu.

“The positive — it’s a beautiful dish. The duck is cooked well, the sauce is really nice, the figs are falling apart, the puree is smooth and well seasoned. The only thing I would change to make this dish better is to crisp the skin a little bit longer,” Manu said of their entree of duck breast with figs and vincotto.

Manu again scored their main of beef cheek ravioli a seven as he thought the ravioli and the sauce would never mix properly. However, Pete was thoroughly impressed with their main of lamb rack and scored it a nine.

Carmine and Lauren’s highest praises came when they served their desserts and the judges found their skills impressive. Although a lack of sweetness gave their dessert of citrus sfogliatelle a seven, Manu appreciated Lauren for the pastry she created on the dessert.

“I think we’ve never seen anything like this on ‘My Kitchen Rules.’ Crispy, golden, beautiful. The inside, perhaps a little dry ... there's not enough sugar to make it dessert-y enough,” he added.

Carmine and Lauren’s second dessert of tartufo was delicious and scored a perfect 10.

“My Kitchen Rules” 2016 continues Tuesday night at 7.30pm on Seven.