My Kitchen Rules
Judges Manu Feildel and Pete Evans on their way to the finals. Facebook/My Kitchen Rules

The battle of the final five participants has reached cutthroat levels with Melbourne sisters Tasia and Gracia earning the highest scores ever in the history of “My Kitchen Rules” “ultimate instant restaurant” rounds on Wednesday night’s episode. Judge Manu Feildel had already said earlier that it is nearly impossible to pick a winner from the final five teams.

For “My Kitchen Rules” 2016 fans, it’s double the fun and double the tension as the final teams have to cook two entrees, two mains and two desserts to prove their worth. It can’t get bigger than this. The top five teams are VIC’s Tasia and Gracia, and Zana and Gianni, and Mitch and Laura; SA’s Carmine and Lauren; and WA’s Anna and Jordan.

On Wednesday, Tasia and Gracia surprised everybody with their cooking skills and let everybody know that it will take a lot more than luck to beat them. They served crystal prawn and ginger dumplings and spicy soft shell crab with pickled vegetables for their entrees. The dumplings won them a 10 and shell crab a 9.

The scores kept coming as the sisters mesmerised the judges with their first main of Indonesian grilled chicken with sambal and tempeh. It deserved a 10 and received so. Their other main of beef rendang with coconut rice and turmeric pickle was comparatively not up to the mark. Hence it received an 8.

“For somebody who has never had rendang before, it’s probably fantastic and amazing. Even though it’s a dry curry, there should still be a little more sauce sticking to that beef. And the beef is a little bit dry too,” Manu said.

It was dessert time and the sisters prepared sesame chocolate balls with pandan ice cream and mango mousse with tapioca and sesame nougatine. While the former was unable to impress the judges and got a 5, the “heavenly” mango mousse was described as “the best Asian dessert” by Pete. It got a 10.

Their final score was 85 and now it’s up to the brother-sister team of Mitch and Laura to beat them. It will be a tough one.

“My Kitchen Rules” continues Sunday night at 7pm on Seven.