My Kitchen Rules
Manu Feildel takes a selfie at Colin Fassnidge's restaurant 4Fourteen. Facebook/My Kitchen Rules

Carmine and Lauren and Eve and Jason will be fighting hard on Monday’s episode to cheat “sudden death.” One of the teams will have to go. Sunday night’s “My Kitchen Rules” 2016 episode saw judge Pete Evans take back his words on WA mother-son duo Anna and Jordan’s dish of charred harissa octopus with duck fat potatoes and kale.

Interestingly, the kale was in the form of a juice that saturated the plate. While Pete was not at all optimistic about the dish, Anna and Jordan had complete confidence in what they served.

Sunday night saw the teams prepare their dishes in Colin Fassnidge’s restaurant 4Fourteen and that added to their tension. The teams had to prepare a main course each and the best dish would be added to the restaurant’s menu.

While kale juice was a weird ingredient to be included in the main course, Anna and Jordan wowed judges with it and they are the team to watch out for as “My Kitchen Rules” 2016 nears its end.

Pete loved the dish despite his inhibitions, and Colin loved the acidity and freshness. He even added that he would not change a thing in the dish and would love to have it as is.

“When I saw you juicing the kale I was like, ‘Is he gonna have that as a drink just to get him through the next hour and a half?’ And then I saw that juice go on the plate. And I thought, ‘Oh no, they’ve killed the dish.’ And I gotta say, I was completely wrong, because it made the dish. I loved that dish. Loved it. It was spot on,” Pete said.

Sisters Tasia and Gracia’s pan roasted duck with turnips, apple and miso also struck a chord though they made a minor mistake of adding too much of miso. Eve and Jason’s lamb liver and onions with crispy black pudding and sweet potato did not go well as overcooked liver was a problem. They joined Carmine and Lauren in the sudden death round whose balsamic glazed pork ribs was underwhelming.

Mitch and Laura’s sous vide lamb was lacking a jus and Gianni and Zana’s salt baked rainbow trout was complicated.

“My Kitchen Rules” 2016 continues Monday night at 7.30pm on Seven.