My Kitchen Rules
"My Kitchen Rules" 2016 contestants Gianni and Zana and Rosie and Paige prepare for sudden death. Facebook/My Kitchen Rules

Wednesday night’s episode of “My Kitchen Rules” 2016 experienced another heartbreak and this time it was South Australia’s Rosie and Paige who were shown the door. VIC’s Gianni and Zana can very well be called the "rulers of sudden death" who have shown a liking for rising from the ashes when everything seems to go best for the other team in competition.

On Wednesday night, Rosie and Paige and Gianni and Zana were to prove their skills in winning a sudden death round, and the latter did it once again. Previously, it was NSW’s Luciano and Martino who got axed out of the competition by the Melbourne lawyers.

Everything started perfect for Rosie and Paige, who prepared an entree of ricotta, mint and lemon ravioli. The judging panel gave the dish 10 out of 10, with guest judge Karen Martini praising the dish’s beautiful seasoning.

“I’m loving the ravioli, I’m loving the filling I’m loving the sauce, the melting butter over the top. It’s cooked well. It ticks all the boxes for me,” said judge Manu Feildel.

Gianni and Zana’s stuffed zucchini flowers failed to make a mark though. “My Kitchen Rules” fans started anticipating Rosie and Paige’s victory and that’s when Rosie and Paige threw it away with their main of “awkwardly large”meatballs. Moreover, their homemade focaccia was also an instant failure.

“It feels like a different team had cooked this main dish than the one who cooked entree. The bread is dry, it’s not a good bread whatsoever,” said Pete Evans.

While Martini was fine with the cheese inside and the mozzarella melting, she was certain that the dish was not appropriate for a sudden death round.

As if Gianni and Zana were waiting for this moment, they took a huge stride forward with their splendid main of braised oxtail with Jerusalem artichoke puree and horseradish cream. Thus, Gianni and Zana’s “killer instinct” had risen and it spelled doom for the besties.

“I’m loving the flavours in this dish. They have braised the oxtail beautifully, you can taste that gorgeous red wine flavour in the sauce. These flavours dance on the palate,” said Martini.

Soon it was time for the desserts to be served, and Rosie and Paige served lemon yoghurt cake and creme fraiche ice cream. According to Manu, it was not a dessert that someone would like to finish a three-course meal with. The cake was too dense for the judges’ liking.

A pall of gloom descended on Rosie and Paige and their fans as the “My Kitchen Rules” 2016 dream was fast fading. Gianni and Zana took a risk and shifted from traditional cooking. They served salted caramel tiramisu that had guest judge Guy Grossi confused even before he tasted it. However, their dessert was a success and that meant end of road for Rosie and Paige. They were left behind with 39 points while Gianni and Zana scored 44 out of 60.

“My Kitchen Rules” 2016 continues Sunday night at 7.00pm on Seven.