My Kitchen Rules 2016
Eve and jason and Mike and Tarq from "My Kitchen Rules" 2016. Facebook/My Kitchen Rules

Back at the Kitchen Headquarters, Rosie and Paige were in utter shock when Queensland father-son duo Mike and Tarq were eliminated from “My Kitchen Rules” 2016 in sudden death. Victoria’s Eve and Jason wore their luck yesterday as all through the round it seemed Mike and Tarq were the clear favourites until dessert was served. In the end, it was a painful goodbye for Mike and Tarq.

Mike and Tarq had impressed everybody with their skills and techniques. However, yesterday was not their day as a rice massacre cost them their journey in the competition. Judges could hardly fault their entree of Thai prawn bisque with prawn toast. Even Eve and Jason’s entree of seared scallops with cauliflower and miso impressed the judges.

Although the father and son showed off their skills with their main of sesame crusted tuna with homemade soba noodles, the judges were divided in their opinion. Pete Evans found it great except the red onion while Colin Fassnidge thought it was clumsy.

When Eve and Jason served their main of Sri Lankan beef curry with toor dal, Colin felt the dal missed the mark, though Manu found it pretty impressive. The dal lacked salt though. Up until then, it was impossible to deny the fact that Mike and Tarq would win as fans had full faith in their skills and dessert was yet to be served.

Eve and Jason’s butterscotch pears with ginger cake and yoghurt sorbet lacked the punch, but Mike and Tarq’s Indian rice pudding with stone fruit compote was a disaster. Although the rice had been quenelled and cooked on a baking tray, Tarq accidentally let the tray slip off the bench and crash onto the floor.

While Colin slammed the dish saying that was not at all rice pudding to him, Manu could not find any Indian flavour and thought the rice was not creamy enough.

Everybody was stunned. The “My Kitchen Rules” 2016 trophy seemed to slip away and a pall of gloom descended on the father-son duo. They ended the night with a score of 39 out of 60 whereas Eve and Jason were two points ahead.

A fan on Twitter raised the question why did the judges not consider Mike and Tarq’s skills and techniques before finalising their elimination.

Another “My Kitchen Rules” fan also tweeted on the same lines.

“My Kitchen Rules” continues Tuesday night at 7.30pm on Seven.