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"My Kitchen Rules" judge Rachel Khoo Facebook/My Kitchen Rules

“My Kitchen Rules” 2016 judges Colin Fassnidge and Pete Evans made things difficult for the contestants during Wednesday’s rodeo challenge where the participants had to cook barbecue for 200 riders and their families. The judges were on the warpath, criticising every little thing they found not to their taste. They brought out their nasty critiques in them, and that left most of the participants shaken.

“Did I see bottled lemon juice on your table? Why do you have to use a litre of lemon juice?” Colin snapped at VIC participants Eve and Jason.

Jason quickly tried to manage the situation by saying they had to marinate 21 chickens and that’s why the bottled lemon juice. Fassnidge was far from satisfied by the explanation and did not think twice before referring to an earlier jar-shaming episode where the couple broke out the bottled garlic and bottled lemon juice. However, when they served their bourbon chicken with slaw and jalapeño poppers, Pete did the honour of blasting Eve and Jason for their effort.

“I’m not getting any flavour from the marinade. Just a little bit of citrus on there” Pete said.

Colin was quick to jump on the duo for producing a bad dish.

“There is no marinade! A little bit of citrus you reckon? There was a litre of citrus and it was out of a bottle. The chicken’s very disappointing. I don’t know why they wasted their time marinating. It didn’t help at all,” he snapped.

The objective of this episode was to choose four teams that would least impress. Eve and Jason were joined by SA’s Carmine and Lauren, NSW’s Chris and Cookie and QLD’s Mike and Tariq. The four will fight against each other and the two worst-performing teams will go for the “sudden death.”

Colin also had a go at Jordan for not putting the marinade on the outside. However, Anna and Jordan’s spicy Sicilian sausage with focaccia and tomato relish was a hit and the judges had no other choice but to praise the WA mother-son duo. Anna was basically not shaken by the judges’ criticisms.

SA’s Rosie and Paige’s pomegranate glaze lamb cutlets and harissa pumpkin impressed Colin, especially the harissa pumpkin. However, VIC’s Mitch and Laura won the People’s Choice honour for their incredible bush spice kangaroo with tortilla.

“My Kitchen Rules” continues Sunday night at 7.30pm on Seven.