My Kitchen Rules
"My Kitchen Rules" judges Pete Evans and Manu Feildel on their way to Alex and Gareth's Instant Restaurant Facebook/My Kitchen Rules

Four teams were up against each other in “My Kitchen Rules’” Sunday episode. Queensland father-son duo Mike and Tarq and Adelaide couple Carmine and Lauren were asked to prepare the mains while Victoria’s Eve and Jason and Newcastle dads Chris and Cookie were asked to prepare the desserts to impress the judges Pete Evans and Manu Feildel.

That was not all. The show also brought back some of its most controversial former contestants as judges. While Pete and Manu would choose one of the teams that would move on to the sudden death, former contestants such as Robert and Lynzey, Dan and Steph, Sophia Pou, and Ash and Camilla would choose the other. The four teams competing were the bottom four from last week’s Rodeo challenge.

Carmine and Lauren and Mike and Tarq had 90 minutes to prepare a signature dish. Ash loved the former’s quail with mushroom and thyme broth though she didn’t find the presentation appealing. Pete loved the broth but found certain inconsistencies in the cooking. Mike and Tarq’s pan-seared duck breast with Thai curry sauce and pineapple fried rice was criticised heavily by Sophia, who found the duck probably one of the worst things to put inside the mouth. Even Pete didn’t find their dish interesting. The two had previously impressed everybody with their skills and techniques.

Then it was dessert time and Chris and Cookie tried too hard to impress with their dessert taco.

“I think you just tried too hard. It looked cool for kids. If you did that at your children’s birthday, they would love you forever. You’ve been trying too much to show off with this and that’s not what we wanted,” Manu said.

On the other hand, Pete found Eve and Jason’s crepes with pickled orange and candied walnuts too simple and said the two tried to play safe with their dessert. However, Sophia was too harsh with her words. She said she would love to never ever see the dish again.

In the end, Mike and Tarq and Eve and Jason were chosen for the sudden death. Former MKR champions chose Mike and Tarq and the judges chose Eve and Jason.

“My Kitchen Rules” continues Monday night at 7.30pm on Seven.