My Kitchen Rules
Judges Manu Feildel and Pete Evans on their way to the finals. Facebook/My Kitchen Rules

WA mother-son duo Anna and Jordan’s journey in “My Kitchen Rules” Australia 2016 has been awesome to say the least. However, bickering and Jordan’s “Italian and Maltese blood” got in the way and nearly spoiled everything. The two finished their ultimate instant restaurant round with a total of 72 out of 100 and currently are in the third place on leader board.

Things didn’t start well for the duo with Jordan snapping at his mum every time Anna tried to step in and guide her son. When judge Manu Feildel chided Jordan for talking to his mum like that, Anna tried to make the situation light saying it was his Italian and Maltese blood talking and it was nothing personal.

“A lot of bickering in the kitchen you two. Team needs to be working together. I would never talk to my mum like this,” Manu said, clearly displeased with Jordan’s behaviour.

The two prepared gnocchi with mushrooms and truffle and squid with almond tarator and citrus salsa for entrees. While Manu did appreciate the flavours and beautiful caramelisation in the first entree, he didn’t find the recipe fantastic and scored it a seven. Pete Evans scored their second entree an eight with the only drawback being the pasty texture.

When the two went back into the kitchen for the mains, Jordan apologised to Anna and promised to work as a team. The outcome was awesome. Their suckling pig with apple and celeriac main was lauded by Pete and he scored it a nine. He found every part of the dish delicious and was impressed with the risk the two had taken.

Anna and Jordan’s second main of black and white crab ravioli with crab bisque also received nine points from Manu who found the flavour “magical.”

However, their joy was short lived as the duo’s first dessert of rhubarb and ginger bombe alaska bombed.

“You’ve made the sponge, you’ve coated it in a rhubarb compote, and then you’ve put the ice cream on and you’ve frozen it all together. When you do cut into it, it should be like butter. What I do love about it is that Italian meringue — but that’s about it,” Pete said.

Anna and Jordan’s second and final dessert of vanilla panna cotta with espresso jelly and crostoli performed slightly better and Manu gave it a seven. He criticised the panna cotta as “not bouncing like a panna cotta should be dancing.”

“My Kitchen Rules” Australia 2016 continues Wednesday night at 7.30 p.m. on Seven.