Lin Manuel Miranda
Lin-Manuel Miranda performs at the 89th Academy Awards Show. Reuters/Lucy Nicholson

While the general “Gilmore Girls” public was getting over the ending of Netflix’s four-part revival, Grammy Award winner Lin Manuel Miranda was just getting his foot into Stars Hallow. He even chronicled his many thoughts on the show on his Twitter account, including whose team he is on.

Miranda first started his journey in December, which he even apologised for. “Okay. So I’m watching my first episode of ‘Gilmore Girls’ ever. *dodges garbage*,” he wrote. “I MISSED IT THE FIRST TIME AROUND! (It is AWESOME.)”

He then went on about the series and took note of the very first time he met actor Milo Ventimiglia’s Jess Mariano. Miranda shared how the character changed the entire landscape of the show, particularly in regards to the relationship between Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) and Dean Forester (Jared Padalecki). The 35-year-old Broadway star even created a hashtag for Jess: #MisterStealYourGirl.

In that same tweet, which can be seen below, Miranda tagged Ventimiglia. The “This Is Us” actor then got confused, as seen in his response that can also be viewed below. Miranda clarified that he meant he met Jess and not Ventimiglia. He even shared that his family had a soft spot for Stars Hollow’s resident bad boy.

But while his family might be behind Team Jess, Miranda confirmed that he is not. The composer said that he is not behind any of Rory’s leading men. “For the record,” he said. “I’m #TeamMissPatty, all day.”

The idea of a full “Gilmore Girls” revival is in the books, as noted by Netflix’ chief content officer Ted Sarandos. “We obviously loved the success of the show,” he told the Press Association (via BBC) in March. “Fans loved how well it was done, [and] it delivered what they hoped.” Sarandos then confirmed that Netflix and the show’s creator and executive producer, Amy Sherman-Palladino, was talking about the show’s return but talks were “very preliminary” at that point.

The main cast, which includes Bledel, Ventimiglia, Lauren Graham and Matt Czurchy, seem to have to have their hands full on other projects at this point. However, the possibility of a return does not seem to be entirely impossible. Bustle even noted that, with Miranda’s apparent interest in the show, there might finally be a musical episode of “Gilmore Girls” in the works.


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