Gilmore Girls
All seasons of "Gilmore Girls," including the revival entitled "A Year In The Life," can be streamed on Netflix. Facebook/Gilmore Girls

Netflix has announced that it is undergoing preliminary talks with the creators of “Gilmore Girls” to get the show back up on the small screen. And while fans of the franchise are thrilled at the possibility, it may not actually happen because several members of the main cast are already tied to different projects.

The series centres on Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, the mother-daughter tandem that shared the same quick wit, beauty and charm. But without Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel, the show would be completely different, which is why their involvement is of significant importance. And currently, both actresses are working on other responsibilities.

As reported by Bustle, Lauren has signed up for a role on US network Fox’s “Linda From HR.” She’ll be playing the lead role of Linda, an office worker living a relatively mundane life. However, Linda makes one bad decision that spins her life completely out of control. Lauren's participation in the show seems vital, but the length of her stay completely depends on the success of the upcoming series.

Meanwhile, Alexis is making rounds and promoting “The Handmaid’s Tale,” in which she plays the role of Ofglen. Her character is the handmaid assigned to Commander Glen and is one of the leading roles as well. Like the case of Lauren, Alexis’ participation depends completely on the success of the show and whether or not author Margaret Atwood agrees to further the series.

Deadline, on the other hand, has noted that one of Rory’s leading men, Matt Czuchry’s Logan Huntzberger, might also be unavailable to film another round of “Gilmore Girls.” The 39-year-old has signed on to star on “The Resident” alongside Bruce Greenwood and Manish Dayal. Czuchry plays the role of senior resident Conrad Hawkins, who supervises Dayal’s Devon Pravesh, whom Hawkins shows all of the good and bad of modern medicine to.

Then there is Milo Ventimiglia’s Jess Mariano who is currently tied up with “This Is Us.” The show has been well received, and it does not look like it will slow down anytime soon. As such, Ventimiglia might be tied down for quite a while. Furthermore, USA Today spoke with the actor, who thinks that another season as Jess would be “too much.”

Despite these things, there is the possibility of working on two things at once. It has been done before and Lauren, Alexis, Matt and Milo are professionals that have high respect for “Gilmore Girls.” However, unless Netflix or the show's creators announce anything official, nothing can be certain.


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