'Sophie's Curse' - The Lightspeed Bundle
"Sophie’s Curse" is included in the Lightspeed Bundle. Steam/TrerPlay

Here’s another treat for PC gamers. The Lightspeed Bundle contains 10 Steam games for only US$2.49 (AU$3.24). The lineup, which includes “violent dungeons, terrifying houses and the vastness of outer space,” boasts an average of 89 percent positive Steam reviews.

The Lightspeed Bundle comes with individual Steam keys, which will be available immediately after purchase. All Steam keys are sourced straight from each game’s official publisher. Here are the highlights of the collection.

Lew Pulsipher’s Doomstar (Strategy)

Doomstar is a board game for two players where devising a plan and destroying an opponent’s Command Ship after locating it wins the game. The identity of a player’s ship is not visible an opponent. Different pieces possess different capabilities and movement rules, creating an edgy and genuinely strategic affair.

The game features various ship types with unique abilities and tactics. Customisable fleet and board are provided for better gameplay variety. Doomstar contains an exclusive soundtrack consisting of five songs by space composer Simon Heath.

Project Lounge (Casual / Indie / Early Access)

The game action takes place in player-made sites called Lounges, which are created through the Lounge Editor by shaping terrain, setting time of day and placing multiple items. The creator of the Lounge is able to set several permissions, privacy settings and invite others to visit. The owner and guests are also able to occupy the Lounge with numerous Interactable Objects that could be any simple prop.

Sophie’s Curse (Casual / Horror / Indie / Simulation)

On “Sophie’s Curse,” the user plays the role of a nurse whose job is to take care of an old man for one night in a recently bought house that unfortunately has no electricity. Only four crank generators are available as light sources, but there’s something inside the house that’s draining their power. The key to this spooky game is to prevent the power from running out, or else. Check out the “Sophie’s Curse” trailer below.

Graveyard Shift (Action / Indie)

“Graveyard Shift” is a first-person shooter with unique game mechanics and a mise-en-scène that combines both cartoonish and horror elements. As the graveyard keeper, fight against agitated ghosts and liches as they riot due to too many dug graves. The main objective of the game is to “re-kill the undead.”

The Lightspeed Bundle is available until April 4 at Bundle Stars. The entire package offers US$39.41 (AU$51.28) worth in total savings. Here is the bundle’s complete list of games.

  1. Tallowmere
  2. Sophie’s Curse
  3. Project Lounge
  4. Lew Pulsipher’s Doomstar
  5. Slash or Die
  6. Grand Pigeon’s Duty
  7. Artificial Defense
  8. Graveyard Shift
  9. Save Jesus
  10. Gal-X-E

WATCH: ‘Sophie’s Curse’ Trailer