'Jane The Virgin' Season 1 Episode 21 Recap: Jane Learns A Valuable Lesson At Her High School Reunion

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Gina Rodriguez is Jane in The CW's 'Jane the Virgin'
Gina Rodriguez poses with her award for Best Actress in a TV Series, Musical or Comedy for her role in "Jane the Virgin" backstage at the 72nd Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, California January 11, 2015. Reuters/Mike Blake

In this week’s episode of “Jane The Virgin,” it is one episode away from the season finale but Jane’s love life is still a web of confusion. Meanwhile, she needs to attend her high school reunion which makes her rethink her career choices. Here’s what took place in episode 21.

Jane faces her high school nemesis

Jane had been planning her high school reunion for years. She was voted most likely to be successful when they graduated, so she thinks that she will proudly prove the prediction right. Unfortunately, she feels less enthusiastic now that the date has arrived. She is pregnant but single and she has also just quit her job.

Other than those setbacks, Jane isn’t looking forward to facing Stephanie Kovakovitch, her personal high school tormentor. Apparently, Jane’s mom Xiomara dated Stephanie’s dad and it didn’t end well. Jane thinks this is why Stephanie bullied her all those years ago.

Jane’s mom and her best friend Lina convince her that she should be proud of what she has achieved so far and she should hold her head up high. Jane eventually agrees to go to the reunion and everything goes well except for the fact that everyone is focusing on her belly including her high school crush, Alex Mendez.

On the upside, Stephanie approaches her and apologises for her behaviour in high school. She tells Jane exactly how she manipulated her and used her weaknesses against her. It turns out Stephanie was mad about a boy they both liked in high school and she used rumours about Xiomara to get to Jane. Stephanie’s confession gives Jane some tips on how she can handle the other mean girls in her life.

Rafael changes his mind

Rafael speaks to his sister Luisa and admits that he made a mistake. He realised that he still loves Jane and should never have broken up with her. Before he can tell Jane, she drops the bomb about her petition to have primary custody of their child. Rafael is caught by surprise and freaks out.

Meanwhile, Petra learns about Rafael’s dilemma and tries to manipulate Jane and Rafael. She tries to be Rafael’s shoulder to lean on while she pretends to be nice to Jane. Unfortunately for her, Jane sees right through her.

Magda lands in jail

With the help of Rafael, Jane hatches a plan. She tells him that Petra still loves him and she would do anything to get him back. She uses the lessons she learned from Stephanie and uses Petra’s feelings against her.

Rafael pretends that he and Petra still have a chance if only the problem with the baby and the custody issue can be settled. Petra knows that Jane is filing the custody case because she does not want the baby to be around her mother Magda, so she forces Magda to confess to her crime. It may be remembered that Magda pushed Jane’s grandmother down a stairwell earlier this season.

Friends or lovers

Michael arrests Magda and Jane and Rafael celebrate their small victory. Rafael tries to tell Jane about his feelings once again but Jane beats him to the punch. She tells Rafael how she likes their current situation and how she’s already accepted their breakup. This leaves Rafael speechless.

Meanwhile, Jane and Michael have been getting closer again. He invites her to attend his commendation ceremony and they start talking about their lives just like old times. Both of them start to feel their connection growing again but neither one wants to say anything. They have a small talk and Michael plays safe and tells Jane that he’s happy with them being just friends.

Speaking of friends, Rogelio and Xiomara are also trying to be friends even though they have broken up. They have a Las Vegas show and they have to rehearse for it. Unfortunately, the director wants to use a hydraulic lift that Rogeio is terrified of. Perhaps the only thing he is more terrified of is making the director mad. Xiomara saves the day and tells the director that she’s the one who’s afraid of heights so that Rogelio doesn’t have to. As expected, the director freaks out but lashes out on Xiomara. Rogelio recognises the grand gesture from Xiomara but it remains to be seen what will come out of their relationship.

Jane is expected to give birth to her baby in next week’s season finale. How the complicated stories pan out including some news on Sin Rostro are expected to be revealed when Season 1 of “Jane The Virgin” ends next Monday at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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