Inkle, the game development company, is working on its new video game. After successfully delivering “80 Days,” the company is all set to get busy in a new project. While the game is still in its early stages, the team managed to share their thoughts and plans about the upcoming game even if it does not have a name yet.

Inkle announced via their official blog about this new game. According to the developer, the game will be made in Unity. The company has been delivering iOS-based games and now it is planning to take a step forward by developing and releasing a game across several platforms. Inkle has noted in the blog that it will try to release the game to as many platforms as possible.

Inkle prefers using dialogue in their games. Citing the example of “80 Days” in which the whole story was conveyed through one character’s voice, Inkle has suggested that dialogue is something that works great for its games. Along with the dialogue, another interesting thing about the project is that it will feature multiple characters. The developer has not revealed many details about the story, but the blog hints that the game’s story will focus on a partnership. It is better to have multiple characters than having one, said the developer.

“It's going to take you somewhere you have never been before. For the first time, we aren't adapting anything, but starting from scratch.”

After "80 Days," Inkle has also released the three parts of the mobile fantasy "Sorcery." According to Eurogamer, Inkle is already working on "Sorcery 4," the final part of the series, which is also planned for a cross-platform release.

Fans can expect more information from Inkle in the future as updates will be relased for the games in development.

80 days Official Trailer (Credit: YouTube/inkleStudios)

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