It looks like the people at Sony are in a giving mood this holiday season as a special sale on the PlayStation Network allows fans to buy one game and get another one for free. This seems like a very good deal for PlayStation 4 users, especially with the line of games available for said sale.

The PlayStation Blog has confirmed that the following games are eligible for the buy one take one sale:

- The Order 1886

- The Last of Us Remastered

- Until Dawn

- EA Sports UFC

- Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition

- Payday 2: Crime Wave Edition

- Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor – Legion Edition

More games are also available, but the list above is clearly the cream of the crop. It might be surprising for some in seeing titles like “Divinity Original Sin” here since it was only released a few months ago. Then again, fans can get that game with another one for free, so either way, it sounds like a good deal.

If players are away from their consoles at the moment, fans can always go to the PlayStation Store online. This option allows players to purchase games online and access them later on their consoles, which is good service for its avid consumers who are out of town or busy for the holidays.

Those with a PS3 or Vita won’t have to worry as the buy one take one sale applies to the those platforms as well. Games like “Watch Dogs” and “Saint’s Row IV” should be available for the last-gen console, among other quality titles.

This isn’t the only holiday sale Sony has in store, as IGN noted. The company’s 12 days of Christmas sale is still ongoing. As of this writing, fans can get “Pro Evolution Soccer 2016” for 50 percent off, which is a great treat for sports fans.

PlayStation owners have until Dec. 24 to take part in the buy one get one for free deal, so those interested should save up their holiday checks. After choosing the games they want, players must use the following code before checking out, otherwise, the buy one take one for free deal won’t be valid: J7P8G8P3DH.

Sony Launches Buy One Get One Free Sale on PlayStation Store - IGN News (Credit: YouTube/IGN)

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