David Giuntoli
Actor David Giuntoli takes part in a panel discussion of NBC Universal's series "Grimm" during the 2013 Winter Press Tour for the Television Critics Association in Pasadena, California January 6, 2013. Reuters/Gus Ruelas

“Grimm” season 6 is all set to be aired in 2017. The social media promotion for the new season includes a quiz of all the major characters.

The viewers will get a chance to take up the quiz and find out the personality of the “Grimm” character that resembles with their own. Nick Bukhardt is the lead character played by David Giuntoli. He is the descendant of the Grimms, who use their powers to save human beings from danger.

On Dec. 14, the official Twitter page of “Grimm” started the quiz with character Nick. A link is provided with the tweet. It provides the personality traits of Nick and the viewers can find out which of their own traits match with Nick's. This is followed by the characters of Adalind (Claire Coffee), Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell), Rosalee (Bree Turner), Trubel (Jacqueline Toboni) and Wu (Reggie Lee).

It is mentioned in the character quiz that a “Grimm” fan is just like Nick if the person is a “fair and just leader.” To resemble Adalind, a person needs to be “clever and strong,” one is like Monroe if he or she is a “true and loyal friend,” Rosalee’s personality traits are “warm and kindhearted,” active and adventurous are the personality traits of Trubel, and a great sense of humour is the key personality trait to be like Wu.

A fan art contest was initiated before the character quiz for the promotion of “Grimm” season 6 where people got a chance to submit their artwork on the show. Other than these, promotional GIFs for the show’s new season are posted on social media sites.

“Grimm” season 6 starts from Jan. 6 in US, as declared in the official NBC site. It will be telecasted on Fox8 in Australia.