Stars of the NBC series "Grimm." Facebook/Grimm

“Grimm” season 6 is all set to start in 2017. The official twitter page of this American TV show hinted at the battle with Black Claw that is likely to continue in season 6. The show has also initiated a fan art contest, #GrimmFanArt, which is present on different social media sites.

The NBC supernatural series has David Giuntoli in the lead playing the role of Nick Burkhardt, a homicide investigator in the Portland Police Department. Nick is a descendant of the family called Grimms who contain special powers and protect human beings from all sorts of threat surrounding them. The show’s season 5 came to an end with the Black Claw leader Conrad Bonaparte (Shaun Toub) being stabbed by Sean Renard (Sasha Ruiz).

There are speculations about Renard being the new leader of Black Claw. Interestingly, the tweet released on the show’s official Twitter page reveals the continuation of the battle with Black Claw in “Grimm” season 6.

NBC Entertainment has also started a new contest known as Grimm Fan Art. It is a fun contest where the fans of the shows can submit their art which has relevance to the show. # GrimmFanArt is likely to grab the attention of many viewers.

“Grimm” season 6 starts from Jan. 6, according to NBC's announcement in the US. The show airs on Fox8 in Australia.