A 19-year-old Brisbane man under the influence of alcohol was allegedly unknowingly raped by four male schoolmates using a beer bottle.

The victim had passed out at a party held in Brisbane’s north, and only learnt of his sexual molestation when one of his rapists posted the video of the rape online and then sent him the link. The four even joked about the incident.

The victim then complained to authorities that led to the filing by the Queensland Police Service of rape charges against the four. Three of the charged are 19 years old and one is 21. They are scheduled to appear before the Brisbane Magistrates Court in October, reports ABC.

For filming the sexual attack and posting online, one of the four is facing additional charges of observation or recording in breach of privacy and three more counts of distributing visual recording. He posted it on Facebook two days after the alleged rape and then reposted it after six weeks.

The police are using the screen shots of the video as evidence against the four young men who are school mates of the victim in a Brisbane private school. The incident happened on Australia Day.

According to Healthline, alcohol overdose can cause a person to pass out like what happened to the victim which make an unconscious person vulnerable to various dangers, including rape. Alcohol, the Web site explains, is a drug that affects the central nervous system.

If a person imbibes 21 drinks within six hours, it could lead to alcohol overdose which is a serious condition that could also be life-threatening. The body normally could process only one ounce of alcohol per hour.

Besides losing consciousness, alcohol could cause a drinker’s breath to slow down or stop as well as heart rate and gag reflex. If there is a drop in body temperature or hypothermia, alcohol could cause cardiac arrest or seizure resulting from low blood sugar levels.

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