Final Fantasy XV
"Final Fantasy XV" was released by Square Enix on Nov. 29, 2016. Facebook/Final Fantasy XV

Unlike most role playing games, money is not easy to acquire in “Final Fantasy XV.” Defeating monsters does not necessarily result in a significant rise in Gil, so players need to take advantage of all the other ways that do result in monetary growth.

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One of the more common ways to acquire Gil is to complete hunting contracts, with even the easier ones equaling hauls in the thousands. In each new town, it is best to visit restaurants and speak with the proprietor for any hunt offerings. Players must keep in mind, however, that “Final Fantasy XV” only allows one hunt at a time, so it is suggested to check the rank suggestions beside each hunt -- there is no point in starting one if it cannot be finished.

But for more stable jobs, players can go to either Vyv and Holly, who are found in the parking area in Lestallum after Chapter 3 and next to the Lestallum Power Plant in Chapter 8 respectively. Vyv pays anything between 5,000 Gil and 25,000 Gil for photos of certain locations. Meanwhile, Holly’s jobs normally require players to check out different areas that are rewarded with an average of 7,500 Gil.

Another way to earn a substantial amount of money is by carrot farming. Vegetable growing is one of the extra features in “Final Fantasy XV,” but it does require dedication and patience. When seeds are provided once a cabin in Cape Caem is reached, they can be planted in the soil beside the same. Once spouts are seen, they can be harvested and sold to the restaurant owner standing beside the tree. He will offer as much as 500 Gil per carrot. Gamers will need to be mindful about harvesting because there is a time requirement between each planting.

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The more standard way of earning Gil is by selling treasure, which are rewarded or gathered throughout the game. However, players must be mindful about what they sell, as treasures have different effects on characters, and -- depending on gameplay style -- treasures could bridge the gap between success and failure at critical battles.