Final Fantasy XV
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In “Final Fantasy XV,” players are introduced to the concept of Royal Arms, which are old weapons used by the late King Noctis. Throughout gameplay, players will run into provided weaponry, but there are still a few that need to be sought out beyond the storyline.

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The list below includes only those that are not found within the standard story. Players will need to go out of their way to accommodate the required stories in order to complete the “Final Fantasy XV” Royal Arms.

Bow Of The Clever - This weapon is found in the Tomb of Clever, which is likewise found within Leide’s Balouve Mines optional dungeon. The entrance to the mine is located in the far eastern portion of the map, south of Hammerhead.

Greatsword Of The Tall - In southeast Duscae is the Tomb Of The Tall, which is where “Final Fantasy XV” players will find the first clue to find this Royal Arm. The actual weapon itself, however, can be found between Kittier Highland and The Fallgrove.

Mace Of The Fierce - The Rock of Ravatogh is a dungeon within a volcano, which is found in the southwest portion of the open world map. The Mace Of The Fierce is found within the dungeon, in a wide open area found after a nest with a few eggs.

Scepter Of The Pious - In Malmalam Thicket, which is located in the southwest and near the location of the Mace Of The Fierce, is the Scepter Of The Pious. Following the dungeon to the end will lead to an optional boss battle. Once that boss is defeated, players will be rewarded with the rare “Final Fantasy XV” Royal Arm.

Shield Of The Just - In order to acquire the Shield of The Just, players must head west of the Disc, to an area called Thommel’s Glade. There, the weapon is ready for taking inside a tomb.

Star Of The Rogue - In Myrlwood Dungeon, which is located in the southwest of Vasperpool in the North, is a dungeon filled with monsters and a boss. Defeating the boss will provide players with the Star Of The Rogue.

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The benefit of using Royal Arms is double-edged. While it powers up Noctis’ Armiger special ability, it cannot be used throughout the entire battle as it drains HP. As such, the powerful weaponry can only be used in “Final Fantasy XV” sparingly.