"Final Fantasy XV" was officially released on Nov. 29, 2016 and is the latest chapter in one of Square Enix's most popular franchises. Facebook/Final Fantasy XV

There was a lot of anticipation in the days leading to the official release of “Final Fantasy XV,” and the game has since been met with several nods of praise and has been widely accepted by fans and newcomers alike. And while the title definitely has its fun and lowkey elements, there are difficulties that gamers need to overcome.

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In order for players to successfully tackle all challenges, objectives and quests, all party members need to be at their strongest.And for this to happen, the characters need to defeat enemies in battle and thereby gain as much experience as possible. This standard method, however, may take some time -- and there are quicker ways around it.

By finishing all the side quests presented in “Final Fantasy XV,” players will able to level up their characters quicker than using standard battle strategies. These quests reward players with a significant amount of money and experience. However, partaking in these side stories does not further the main plot and players will need to sacrifice time. This strategy includes several Hunter quests, which are also available throughout the game.

Another method to hasten the level up process is to stay in hotels with experience boosts. Prima Games has reported three particular hotels within the FFXV world that reward characters with experience during their stays. The hotel in Galdin Quay costs 10,000 Gil to stay for one night, but will double character’s experiences. Meanwhile, the Altissia hotel multiplies experience by 1.5 and 3 times if players speak to the man behind the counter and the second NPC respectively.

It should also be noted that experience points are tallied at the end of the day and are not counted after each battle. As such, dying within the game’s day will lose all experience points gained within that same day. Strategically resting thereby becomes imperative in “Final Fantasy XV.” Gamers can use havens, rest in campgrounds or sleep in a resort or hotel.

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“Final Fantasy XV” is currently available via EB Games Australia for $68.

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