Final Fantasy XV
Visitors play Final Fantasy XV, a video game published by Square-Enix at the Paris Games Week, a trade fair for video games in Paris, France, October 26, 2016. Reuters/Benoit Tessier

Square Enix is planning a grand opening ceremony for its “Final Fantasy” 30th Anniversary festivities and the event may happen as early as late January 2017. It could also discuss a lot about the “Final Fantasy 7” Remake. Jan. 31, 2017 will also be the 20th anniversary for “Final Fantasy 7.” During the event, fans may finally get to learn when the first episode of “Final Fantasy 7” Remake will be released.

“Final Fantasy 7” has made its way to PC but that has just been ports, reports Game Rant. Meanwhile, the game’s production will be sped up as Square Enix’s Kyohei Suzuki will also be working on the remake. Suzuki, along with Tetsuya Nomura, would mean two game directors working on the same game. This will likely result in faster production of the game. As per Attack of the Fan Boy, Suzuki has confirmed this in a roundtable discussion.

The “Final Fanatsy 7” Remake is a huge task as the game will be released in multiple parts. Fans are hoping that the first part will come out in 2017 to mark the 20th anniversary of the original game on PS1. Nomura needs someone as he is also working on “Kingdom Hearts 3.” The release date of the remake could be announced soon though no information about the game’s first instalment has been released.

Apart from “Kingdom Hearts 3,” Square Enix has only “Final Fantasy 7” Remake in its hands for 2017. “Final Fantasy XV” released last month in November. Hence, the developer has enough time to focus on the remake. It is important for Square Enix to release an improved game and not rush into anything. Creative differences are common when two veterans are running the show.

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