"Final Fantasy XV" was developed by Square Enix. Facebook/Final Fantasy XV

“Final Fantasy XV” is the latest addition to one of game developer Square Enix’s most beloved franchises and was internationally debuted in November. The role-playing game is filled to the brim with action and a pursuing storyline, stitched together by various game play segments and side quests such Hunts.

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According to Windows Central, there are a total of 102 Hunts available in the entire “Final Fantasy XV” world. This is significant because each hunt provides stars, which correspondingly increase a player’s Hunt rating -- and the higher a player’s ranking is, the better the rewards. The monsters are oftentimes more difficult than those players will encounter during regular travels, so there a few tips and tricks to make things easier.

Players must always have a meal before going on a hunt, no matter if the meal is purchased or prepared. The right food could spell the difference between failure and success, depending on its effects to the party. In the same way, it is better if players stock up on items as well. In times of trouble, curative items will be the key to survival.

Another thing that can save a party is a summon. However, a summon must be used sparingly as a general rule and some can only be used in certain situations and landscapes. Nevertheless, mastering when and how to use them will prove to be vital. But as this feature should only be used in times of trouble, players must always keep an eye on their enemies.

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Hunting helps players earn that much needed extra Gil and experience points. In order to start one, a player must find a tipster first -- such as restaurant owners. Only one hunt can be active at one time, but gamers will be given all the necessary information in order to finish the monsters. Sometimes a Hunt will cover just one relatively difficult monster to overcome, but there are times when players need to settle several at a time.