"Final Fantasy XV" made its international debut to the market on Nov. 29, 2016. Facebook/Final Fantasy XV

Some players have already likely binged playing “Final Fantasy XV,” the latest addition to one of Square Enix’s most popular franchises. And while there are aspects to gameplay that differ per gamer, there is one requirement that covers all types of players -- the need to collect anad use the best available weapons.

As RPGSite.Net has pointed out, the need for specialised weapons in “Final Fantasy XV” is more for post-game content. And while this part of the game are not required in any sense, they do provide players with an extra challenge. The weapons help out in this department, as well as in regular gameplay.

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As noted by IGN, the Noise Blaster is a very powerful weapon to have in “Final Fantasy XV.” Once found at Fort Vaullerey during “Chapter 6: A Way Forward - All Set To Sail,” the weapon will give the owner as much as 153 points on attackm and 11 in spirit. The item is found after capturing the enemy commander and looking into the building to the left of a locked gate that the commander was moving towards.

The item can be upgraded during Cid’s Quest, "A Better Noise Blaster." Gamers will need to provide him with the Megatron, which is found in Graela during Chapter 13. It is found inside a locked room south of the third rest area, but players will be required to have security clearance. Once found, the Noise Blaster will provide 397 and 23 points for attack and spirit respectively.

The Drill Breaker, on the other hand, is first found within the Formouth Garrison. The area is a strongly defended base in Northern Leide and must be difficult to get a hold of because of the bosses that guard the base. Once they are taken care of, however, the weapon will be found at the upper right side of the base.

At the beginning, the Drill Breaker will provide an additional 181, 7 and 5 points to the wielder’s attack, HP and vitality respectively. However, once upgraded via Cid’s Quest, entitled “A Better Drill Breaker,” it will provide the player 432, 12 and 13 more points in terms of the same statistics. The upgrade happens when gamers find and provide Cid with the Magitek Core, which can be obtained by defeating the MA-X Dux boss inside Formouth Garrison.

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The strongest weapon noted by the publication, however, is the Force Stealer. Found by trading in four Caem Carrots, which are harvested through the Living Off the Land side quest at the end of ‘Chapter 8: Seaworth.” The carrots must be traded with Tony in order to get a chance at obtaining the weapon. In this regard, the Force Stealer is arguably one of the most difficult weapons to obtain in “Final Fantasy XV.”

At the beginning, it will give the wielder additional 210, 202 and 6 points in attack, HP and magic respectively. Once upgraded providing Cid a Monster Claw in his quest, which can only be acquired by defeating the Bandersnatch, it will provide boosts of 463, 308 and 11 in the same stats.