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Parole officer Ray Stussy and girlfriend Nikki Swango will resort to plan B after they killed Maurice LeFay. Police chief Gloria Burgle, meanwhile, deals with the tragic death of her stepfather in “Fargo” season 3 episode 2 on Wednesday.

Spoiler Alert! This article contains "Fargo" spoilers.

In the previous episode, Ray (Ewan McGregor) proposed to his parolee Nikki (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). He tried to borrow some money from his brother Emmit (McGregor) to put a rock on his girlfriend’s finger. Emmit turned him down; hence, Ray enlisted one of his parolees, Maurice (Scoot McNairy), to steal Emmit’s stamp collection.

Since Maurice lost the address Ray gave him and only remembered the name “Stussy,” he mistakenly killed Gloria’s (Carrie Coon) stepfather Ennis Stussy. He tried to blackmail Ray and Nikki about the death and asked for money. The couple then killed him by dropping an air conditioner on him.

In episode 2 entitled “The Principle of Restricted Choice,” things will get complicated. Sheriff Gloria Burgle will look into the death of his stepfather. Winstead teases that although Ray and Nikki are leaving a county away from Gloria’s jurisdiction, the couple’s story will caught her attention.

“But she [Gloria] becomes involved once she starts putting some pieces together about the murder of her stepfather. She certainly gets reeled into Nikki and Ray’s story,” Winstead told TVLine. She added that so far, her role in “Fargo” season 3 is the most challenging she has done.

The synopsis for Wednesday’s episode suggests that Ray and Nikki will resort to plan B. It is not clear whether the plan is about how they can steal the stamp collection of Emmit or about Maurice death.

Meanwhile, if Ray has a murder to hide, his twin brother has a problem of his own. Emmit seeks to repay a loan from two years ago, but he later finds out that the loan for his parking garage business was an investment from a shady corporation. V.M. Vargas (David Thewlis) will reveal his bosses' plan to partner with Emmit, whether the Parking Lot King of Minnesota likes it or not.

The current season of FX crime drama is set in 2010. The story follows the life of Stussy twin brothers Emmit and Ray. Emmit is a handsome self-made man. Ray, on the other hand, is a parole officer who blames his brother for his misfortune. Their sibling rivalry leads to an act of petty theft that escalates into murder and will soon revolve around the world of mobsters.

“Fargo” season 3 premiered last week. It airs every Wednesday at 10/9c in FX in the US. It also airs in SBS One in Australia.


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