Cast member Hamish Linklater attends a news conference promoting the movie 'The Future' at the 61st Berlinale International Film Festival in Berlin February 15, 2011. Reuters/Thomas Peter

“Fargo” season 3 has reportedly added Hamish Linklater to the recurring cast of the show. If this is true, Linklater will be once again teaming up with Noah Halwey. He is also working with the showrunner for upcoming X-Men drama series titled “Legion.”

Linklater will reportedly play the role of Larue Dollars, who is an IRS agent. The character has no tolerance for cheaters. “Lacking any kind of moral scale, he believes the smallest cheater is just as bad as the master criminal,” according to Hollywood Reporter. However, nothing can be said to be true unless an official announcement about Linklater’s casting and role is made.

Linklater will probably have a prominent role in “Fargo” season 3. Producer Warren Littlefield said during Television Critics Association press tour last week, “We’re a smaller cast in Year Three. That allows us to go deeper with each and every one of these characters.”

He also said that main cast members from the previous seasons will not return in the third one. However, there will be a kiss with the past. “We will have a ‘kiss in’ to Season 1 that we think is appropriate because we’re doing a different film each year, but, yes, they’re related geographically. There are thematic touches. And as you’ve seen, we make some character kisses as well.”

Hamish Linklater is also working with showrunner Halwey for upcoming X-Men drama series titled “Legion,” which is based on the namesake Marvel comic character. The show is scheduled to premiere on Feb.8 in the US. It will be fast-tracked in Australia to Foxtel channel FX. The first season will have eight episodes. Linklater will guest star in the show in the role of a government interrogator.

“Fargo” season 3 will be set in 2010, which is four years after from the last season. The production for the show has already begun. The air date and time for the third season (for the US and Australia) has not been announced yet. However, the makers said it will premiere on FX in spring this year in the US. Meanwhile, official confirmation about Hamish Linklater’s presence in the show is awaited.