Cast member Kirsten Dunst poses at a screening of FX Networks' television series "Fargo" in Los Angeles, California October 7, 2015. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

FX renewed "Fargo" for Season 3 in November, before the anthology's Season 2 wrapped up. The new season is expected to air in spring 2017.

Series creator Noah Hawley will return along with executive producers Warren Littlefield, the Coen brothers and John Cameron to oversee "Fargo" Season 3 production.

Hawley confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that "Fargo" Season 3 will be set in 2010, a couple of years after “Fargo” Season 1, which was set in 2006. “Fargo” Season 2 was set in 1979.

The writer also said that some of the characters from the other seasons, especially “Fargo” Season 1, could “potentially” return in “Fargo” Season 3. He added that "Fargo" Season 3 will have a more contemporary feel to it and take place in a “selfie-oriented culture.”

Hawley also teased that the lives of "Fargo" Season 3 characters may intersect with characters from the past. However, he added that the danger of bringing back past characters is that “the artifice is too clear.” He also said that it simply wouldn’t be believable enough.

The first two seasons of "Fargo" have had entirely different casts, though the character of Lou Solverson featured in both seasons. Solverson, however, was portrayed by different actors -- Keith Carradine in Season 1, while Patrick Wilson in Season 2. Solverson’s daughter Molly (Allison Tolman) was a main character in “Fargo” Season 1, but it was a minor role in Season 2.

There were speculations that these recurring characters will also return in “Fargo” Season 3. However, Hawley said: “None of the main characters from our first year will be back for our third year,” to the disappointment of Molly Solverson’s fans.

Speaking about the Solverson family, Hawley had said that despite “Fargo” Season 1 and 2 featuring them, he doesn’t “think there always has to be a Solverson,” adding, “I think that it’s a big world with a lot of stories in it.”

Meanwhile, during the 2015 TCA summer press tour, Hawley had joked that “‘Fargo’ Season 3 is headed … to the future!”

“We’re on the UFO. Yeah,” Hawley said. “I mean I like to joke, it’s going to be, you know, this space station ‘Fargo’ in the year 2555.”

President and GM John Landgraf of FX Network said, as quoted by Vanity Fair, regarding the technology-centric “Fargo” Season 3: “I like the idea of setting up these pragmatic and humble people against the culture of narcissism and [seeing] what that generates for us, story-wise.”

“Fargo” is based on the critically acclaimed neo-noir black comedy of the same name by brothers Joel and Ethan Coen in 1996.

The “Fargo” Season 1 won three Emmys, and the series has scored three Golden Globe nominations for Season 2.