Ewan McGregor
Britannia Humanitarian Award honoree Ewan McGregor poses at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Los Angeles' Britannia Awards in Beverly Hills, California, October 28, 2016. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

Ewan McGregor has to undergo a huge body transformation for “Fargo” season 3. He revealed that it was because of a nude scene in the third instalment of the FX crime drama anthology.

McGregor has been cast to play two different characters in the series. He will portray both the Stussy brothers. In the story, younger Ray is heavier than his older sibling Emmit.

McGregor can wear fat suit and prosthetics to look fatter like Ray even though it takes two hours to transform him into the character. However, he revealed that there is a reason why he needs to gain weight and not to depend on prosthetic.

The actor admitted that he needs to add some pounds because of the nude scene in the forthcoming season of “Fargo.” Apparently, Ray and his girlfriend Nikki (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) have a bathtub scene, and Ray has to get out of the bath.

“You see my naked body. Although I wear some padding for Ray to make him heavier, this scene had to justify that padding. It wouldn’t make sense for me to wear padding and not be fat when I got out of the bath. So when I got out of the bath, I was properly overweight for me,” he told Vulture.

McGregor said creator and showrunner Noah Hawley actually told him to gain weight, three months before the series production began. At the time, the actor just wrapped up filming the movie “Trainspotting ” in which he achieved a leaner body. McGregor and co-star Jonny Lee Miller regularly exercised and ran up and around a mountain while filming in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The actor also revealed his secret diet in preparing for his role in “Fargo.” It appears that McGregor doesn’t rule in food intake at all.

From October until January, when we started filming, I just started eating whatever I wanted. I made sure that I had carbs with everything and French fries with everything. I didn’t have any technique other than eating a lot. I think if you spoke to a dietician, I probably did it all wrong,” McGregor told Vulture.

As for Emmet, McGregor disclosed that he used Spanx. He said the apparel helped him look less heavy and slim. The “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” actor told the Hollywood Reporter that the challenge in playing the Stussy brother is to make sure that will portray both characters as two different persons.

“Fargo” season 3 will premiere in FX on April 19. It also airs on SBS One in Australia.