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Three reasons some countries are far more unequal than others

Why do the richest 1% of Americans take 20% of national income, but the richest 1% of Danes only 6%? Why have affluent British people seen their share of national income double since 1980, while over the same period, the income share of wealthy Dutch hasn’t budged?
coal mine

Coal does not have an economic future in Australia

Today the international Coal Transitions project released its findings, based on global coal scenarios and detailed case studies by teams in China, India, South Africa, Australia, Poland and Germany.

Trade war could chill China’s growing investment in US economy

The U.S. and China are currently engaged in an ever-escalating trade war with no end in sight. While the focus of the dispute has centered on tariffs, the consequences are expected to spill well beyond imports and exports to other aspects of the countries’ complex relationship.
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What is a tariff? An economist explains

A global trade war is brewing as the U.S. and China slap tariffs on each other’s products. These actions have prompted significant concern and discussion about the wisdom of this action.
Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

What is the TPP and can the US get back in?

The TPP was on track to become the world’s largest free trade zone by joining Pacific Rim countries that collectively produce about 40 percent of global economic output. But Trump railed against the accord.