The February update in "Destiny" comes with a new event called "Crimson Days." Bungie

February has finally dawned, and in just a few days, “Destiny” players can finally get their hands on the latest update. Before the actual event becomes available, developer Bungie has detailed some of the mechanics for the Valentine’s event.

Putting “Destiny” Senior Designer Leif Johansen in the spotlight, Bungie had revealed some of the activities that couples and Guardian-partners can expect. Over at the latest Bungie Weekly Update, Johansen revealed that the event was inspired with the notion of love and dating in the background.

As such, a 2v2 Fireteam-Only elimination was the fruit of the concept. Funnily enough, instead of a concept where the couples try to stay together as much as they can, there is also that lingering mechanic that’s bound to test love—or friendship or rivalry, depending on which partner a player chose. When one of the partners dies, the remaining one standing actually gets a significant buff.

In one sense, it’s easy to interpret this as a way to get revenge on having the opponent target your Chosen One. The Broken Heart buff does make the player significantly stronger by sacrificing the significant other. As the last half standing, the player will have maximum ratings for Weapon Handling speed, Recovery, Agility and Armour. The good news is that there’s no need to fret. Both members of the pair will still get their just rewards.

Even though Crimson Days is just set to last for an entire week, crossing over the actual Valentine’s Day, there is good reason for this. Bungie has decided to put Crimson Days as a special occasion, and as such, wanted to keep the activity as a small and fun one.

“The February Update includes more than Crimson Days. There are more bullets we’ll be firing to impact the quality of your Guardian lifestyle,” Bungie said over at the official Bungie blog.

Part of the February update is the offer of new emotes that are on sale for a limited time. The new emote is a fist bump, and according to GameSpot, there is also a Valentine’s Day-themed item. Called the Crimsons Candy, the new item is basically an experience booster. For 30 minutes after consuming the Crimsons Candy, all of the members in a player’s fireteam can get additional experience with their equipped weapons.

February is shaping up to be a fun- and love-filled event, both among players and from Bungie itself. This may be the start of the developer’s response towards more content that “Destiny” players have been clamoring for.