King of Fighters XIV
New details have emerged for "The King of Fighters XIV" roster. SNK Playmore

Two much-anticipated PS4 exclusives have been given more details and a very long footage in line with the Taipei Game Show. More than this, PS Plus members can also look forward to new free games with the confirmed February 2016 lineup.

‘King of Fighters XIV’ new roster details

More details have finally emerged for “The King of Fighters XIV” at the height of the Taipei Game Show 2016. Some fan-favourite characters will be making a comeback for the PS4 exclusive. These include Benimaru Nikaido and Robert Garcia as part of the 50-character roster. Apart from these two, PlayStation Blog has also detailed K’ in the list, as the “NESTS SAGA” is also coming to “Yakuza 6.” However, there’s even better news for those who want to see some new action in the game.

“The team has been adding some brand new Special Moves and bringing back some of the classic ones as well,” said Yuji Watanabe, lead game designer for “Yakuza 6” to PlayStation Blog. A more specific list of moves will be released sometime later this year.

‘Yakuza 6’ gets long gameplay footage

There’s a lot of violence and more violence as a new gameplay footage that’s over 40 minutes long has been released for “Yakuza 6.” The PS4 title already features a lot of action from the footage alone, but according to Push Square, the actual game is still far from launch.

The PS4 footage can be seen below. For those who want in on more action, The Escapist has managed to get some screenshots. These presumably came from the demo that has just recently hit Japan. As far as launches are concerned, it’s dated for an August release in Japan, though no official word has been confirmed for a Western release.

PS Plus free games for February 2016 confirmed

Before January ended, there was a chance leak that revealed the two PS4 games that will be released for the PS Plus February 2016 lineup. Now that Sony has confirmed the full lineup, the leaked games are seen to be the real offers for February.

Over at the official PlayStation Blog, it is listed that PS4 players can get “Helldivers: Democracy Strikes Back” and “Nom Nom Galaxy.” The former is also available on the PS3 and PS Vita. For the PS3, players can expect “Grid Autosport” and “Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.” For the PS Vita, there’s “Lemmings Touch” and “Nova-111.”

"Yakuza 6" gameplay footage (Credit: YouTube/Jimmyqballs)