“Final Fantasy XV” fans should mark their calendars. Square Enix has announced that the release date for the latest FF title will be revealed on March 30.

This was confirmed via the latest Active Time Report, which not only confirmed the date, but also revealed a few more details. Specifically, the new video gives more concrete points on the elemental magic and the Nilfheim Empire.

According to Gematsu, two disciplines of magic are available in “Final Fantasy XV.” There’s elemental magic, which can be Blizzard, Thunder or Fire, and there’s ring magic, which can only be used by those who possess the royal ring of Lucis. What’s important to know is that elemental magic can be enhanced or decreased by the weather and environment, and even these can have its own consequences. As a kind of magic, elemental magic can actually be gathered, though not bought.

Another aspect discussed in the Active Time Report is the Nilfheim Empire. This is the force that will be pressuring the Kingdom of Lucis, as the story already sees the Empire conquering the majority of the world.

With the warring context of the world of “Final Fantasy XV,” the combat system is a major focus of the game. The developer has been hard at work, though according to Neowin, the playable demo Episode Duscae 2.0 has vastly improved on the combat system. Among the improvements include better mechanics in combat, AI parties and camera tracking.

The footage below shows some action on the side of Nilfheim base. The boys, led by Noctis, use stealth and a lot of weapons—featuring easy switching—to defeat the guards. Teamwork among the characters can also be seen clearly.

There’s really a lot going on in “Final Fantasy XV” following implementation of player feedback improvements. For those who were able to witness the Taipei Game Show 2016 presentation, a few more points were given, this time for the free tech demo.

Nova Crystallis got a few of the points, highlighting the fun of the combat. Apart from on-ground battles, aerial battle has also been improved. Given the difference in the use of magic between the royal line and those from the Nilfeim Empire, players cannot steal the magitek armour. However, they can steal the weapons as well as destroy the base.

More interesting is the fact that young Noctis is revealed to be a lead character in the free tech demo. The young Noctis has already been revealed prior to the March event, though no specific details have been revealed in relation to it.

"Final Fantasy XV" Nilfeim base battle (Credit: YouTube/Square Enix NA)