The Rovers
A replica of the The Rovers Return pub, from the British soap opera Coronation Street. This pub, open to the public, was located on the Granada Studios Tour Manchester, England, in the same complex as the set used on the show. Wikimedia Commons/ Paul Walker from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England

The "Coronation Street" cast members, which include Beverley Callard (Liz), Simon Gregson (Steve), Antony Cotton (Sean), Chris Gascoyne (Peter), Georgia Taylor (Toyah), Louiza Patikas (Moira), Colson Smith (Craig), Ben Cartwright (Neil), Lucy Fallon (Bethany), Michael Le Vell (Kevin), Debbie Rush (Anna) and Claire King (Erica), will be featured in the "Corrie" episode on Wednesday, July 12. The noteworthy scenes include Steve and Liz saying goodbye to The Rovers. Liz will also begin working at a medical centre.

Other "Coronation Street" characters such as Patti Clare (Mary), Malcolm Hebden (Norris), Helen Worth (Gail), Jack P. Shepherd (David), Christopher Harper (Nathan), Tina O'Brien (Sarah), Mikey North (Gary), Sonia Ibrahim (Mel), Bhavna Limbachia (Rana), Shelley King (Yasmeen), Sue Nicholls (Audrey), Catherine Tyldesley (Eva) and Shayne Ward (Aidan), will also be seen in the episode on Friday, July 14. Read on to learn more about the British series' latest episodes.

Spoiler Alert! This update contains more 'Coronation Street' spoilers. Read only if you want to know more about the new episodes on Wednesday and Friday.

Digital Spy reports that on Wednesday's episode of Corrie which will be aired at 7:30 pm, Sean will give Liz a lucky charm for her new job now that she's leaving The Rovers. The gesture touches Liz but makes her a bit sad. Then she proceeds to the medical centre to start her new job. However, she will end up clashing with her boss Moira.

As for Mary, she'll try to call the organisers of the Mr & Mrs competition to tell them there has been a mistake with the prize. However, Rita will stop her and tell her that the prize is actually a trip to Cape Town. Norris will suggest visiting her son there. Plus, Gail will suggest that they should mark the anniversary of Kylie's (Paula Lane) death. This will make David emotional.

Sarah and Gary gather evidence against Nathan

The episode that will be aired on Friday at 7:30 pm will show Gary and Sarah confronting Mel and asking her to tell the police everything she knows about Nathan. Meanwhile, Liz continues to struggle at her new job. Moira will leave her in charge of reception because she needs to go out for a meeting. Unfortunately, the phone will constantly ring, and the patients will continue to come in, which will test Liz's patience and how she can control her temper.

Shona comes back to Corrie and David is shocked to see her

Meanwhile, Shona (Julia Goulding) comes back, and it will come as a shock to David when he sees her being helped by Billy (Daniel Brocklebank) into Number 11. He'll order Billy to keep Shona away from him. Due to Shona's shocking return, David cancels the picnic in the garden to commemorate Kylie's death anniversary. Bethany will reject Sarah's proposal to ask help from Shona in order to nail Nathan.

"Coronation Street" episodes air weekdays in the UK on ITV. It also airs at 6:50 pm on BBC Australia.

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