Kevin Webster
Kevin Webster answering the questions of the police at his garage.

Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) is likely to undergo a dramatic turn of events in 2017 as his garage will be devastated by an explosion in the UK TV show, "Coronation Street." It will be interesting to find out the causes leading to the plot twist and the outcomes that follow.

The residents of Weatherfield will evacuate the surrounding buildings and a mass outcry is suggested to take place. With the garage bursting into flames, it is also possible that the nearby buildings will be affected due to the petrol content in the garage. The new year is going to be crucial for the fate of Webster and the other characters of the TV show.

“A huge amount of work is going into making this a stunt that is really explosive and hooks fans in,” a source told the Sun. “The drama will begin when the garage flames are spotted, and mayhem breaks out, with people screaming and buildings being evacuated,” the source added.

Kevin is going to suffer financially due to this loss. Suspicion will arise when the police find out that a CCTV footage is missing. It can be an arson attack but some other events can also lead to this incident.

Kevin Webster needs money for the appendix treatment of Sophie (Brooke Vincent). Unfortunately, this garage incident will leave Kevin without a job. Speculations are also at play that Kevin himself might be behind the incident. He might have set this up for claiming the insurance money.

Although the storyline of "Coronation Street" has not been revealed, the audiences of the TV show are waiting eagerly for Kevin Websters’ fate to change. According to Mirror, the garage explosion will be one of the biggest incidents in the entire show.

This TV show airs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the UK and on weekdays in Australia.