Coronation Street
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It is time to find out the future of Cathy and Roy in British TV show “Coronation Street,” popularly known as “Corrie.” Roy Cropper David Neilson and Cathy Matthews Melanie Hill are set to get married but certain revelations are likely to make their future bleak.

Cathy is happy as she is about to get married to Roy but she fails to notice the turmoil of Roy regarding the marriage. Unfortunately, she comes across a conversation of Roy. In that conversation, he reveals to Tyrone (Alan Halsall) and Brian (Peter Gunn) that he is not willing to marry Cathy. He has only agreed to the marriage because of the previous promises that he made to her. This accidental revelation of the truth has left Cathy heartbroken.

In spite of this, both of them arrive at the ceremony. They do not seem to be happy as they look at each other. An uncertainty prevails regarding the marriage because of Cathy’s last-minute discovery about Roy. On Monday, the viewers will find out whether the marriage finally takes place or Cathy steps out of the ceremony.

“Coronation Street” airs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:30PM in the UK. The show airs in Australia on weekdays at 6:50PM on Foxtel.