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Masks are seen behind the back seats of an Audi A5 as it travels on a road in Beijing, January 5, 2015. Reuters/Jason Lee

John Ibrahim's brother Michael is back in jail for parole violation. The younger brother of Kings Cross nightclub identity was earlier shot near his Sydney home.

Michael, who had been released from jail in August 2014, violated a non-association condition of his parole order. According to the New South Wales Parole Authority, the 36-year-old man breached the condition by communicating with certain individuals whom he was not supposed to get in touch with. Michael was sentenced for nine years after he had been charged for the manslaughter of Robin Nassour, the brother of Fat Pizza comedian George Nassour, at Chiswick in Sydney's inner west in 2006. The former nightclub doorman was released from jail in parole in August even though there was still 12 months left in his sentence. This means that Michael managed to taste freedom for around five months as his parole was revoked on Thursday, Jan 15.

Michael was discovered by officers on the footpath in Macquarie Street at around 10:30 pm on Sunday, Jan 4. He was hit by one bullet even though, according to police, there were several shots fired. Michael was rushed to St Vincent's Hospital. He was treated for injuries which were reported to be non-life-threatening injuries. Later, police said that Michael's condition was satisfactory. The area between Bridge and Bent streets was searched by officers for evidence, while a crime scene was established. Michael had to undergo shoulder surgery. Michael was permitted to visit the Kings Cross area as a condition for his bail. The officers were trying to find out if there was any CCTV footage which might have recorded the shooting. The Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad may assist with the investigation.

According to Michael's Facebook page, he enjoyed a party lifestyle since his release on parole. He frequented nightspots like Cafe Del Mar and the "floating beach club" The Island. According to reports, he also started a new relationship. Even though Michael was released on parole with 25 strict conditions, including that he would not associate with certain individuals, Brisbane Times reports that Michael was using his freedom to catch up with a number of previous associates. Some of the associates, he believed, owed him money fbefore he went to jail.

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