Masks are seen behind the back seats of an Audi A5
Masks are seen behind the back seats of an Audi A5 as it travels on a road in Beijing, January 5, 2015. Reuters/Jason Lee

Kings Cross nightclub identity John Ibrahim's brother Michael was shot in the shoulder in an attack in Sydney's CBD. John's brother is a convicted killer.

Michael was discovered by officers on the footpath in Macquarie Street. It was around 10:30 p.m. on Sunday. He was hit by a bullet even though, according to police, there were several shots fired. Michael was rushed to St Vincent's Hospital. He was treated for injuries which were reported to be non-life-threatening injuries. Later, police said that Michael's condition was satisfactory. The area between Bridge and Bent streets was searched by officers for evidence while a crime scene was established. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Ibrahim, who had to undergo shoulder surgery, was former nightclub doorman.

According to Detective Superintendent Allan Sicard, police are searching for two gunmen who were seen in a white vehicle. "Police believe there was a white car - a late model car, possibly an Audi - in the vicinity," ABC quotes Sicard, "So if anyone saw anything suspicious in that location around a car like that, contact us on 1800 333 000." According to him, it is greatly concerning that people use guns in a public street. He said that New South Wales Police worked hard for reducing or eliminating such things.

Michael was released from jail in August 2013 as he served more than seven years in prison for the 2006 fatal stabbing of Robin Nassour at Chiswick in Sydney's inner west. He was sentenced for nine years but, while he was serving his term in 2012, Michael and his associate were conspiracy to murder charges. Michael, on the other hand, is permitted to visit the Kings Cross area as a condition for his bail. Sicard said that Michael spoke to police who had also interviewed witnesses. The officers were trying to find out if there was any CCTV footage which might have recorded the shooting. The Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad may assist with the investigation.

Detectives are trying to find out if the shooting has any connection with the dispute between the Ibrahim clan and other criminal families.

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