Big Heart Project by Connie Johnson loveyoursister website

Connie Johnson and her Gold Logie award-winning little brother Samuel have successfully raised over $4.5 million for cancer research through their initiative Big Heart Project. Connie celebrated the success with millions of silver five-cent coins arranged in the shape of a huge heart. She thanked the people of Canberra who came out in force to support Connie's final Love Your Sister fundraising effort at the Lyneham Netball courts in Canberra.

"I've never felt so much love in my life. Everyone who is here is here for love, for passion, a cure. There's sadness, there's celebration," Connie told the Canberra Times. She also revealed that her health is declining, and she is not very hopeful about seeing Christmas 2017. The Big Heart Project has helped keep her busy despite health issues.

In January, Connie decided to put an end to her chemotherapy sessions and other breast cancer treatment as she wanted to spend her remaining time with her husband and two young boys Willoughby, 10, and Hamilton, 9. She also revealed that her boys still want to go out for movies, and though she tries her best on most days, all are not same, given that she has late-stage terminal breast cancer.

However, Connie's brother Samuel is happy they have succeeded to kick cancer in the face with the support of millions of Australians. "It kind of feels like a victory lap for Con," Samuel told the website. "A chance for her to go, 'You know what?' We kicked cancer in the face and we might as well grab another million before I'm done'. I just think it's so classy."

The money raised from Wednesday's event will go to the Garvan Institute breast cancer research and other projects focusing on a range of other cancers. "Whether it's 'rare', whether it's 'popular', whether it's 'trendy'. I hate all cancer and, as far as I'm concerned, they can all go and get stuffed," Samuel said.

Connie is also happy she has been able to reach out to many people suffering from cancer through her Big Heart, Love Your Sister initiative. "The thought of other people having to go through the pain and the struggle, the relentlessness, the financial burden - cancer just seeps through every aspect of your family's life,” she said. The brother-sister duo praised the Canberrans' kindness for supporting their projects.