Angelica Chitwood is the lead cast member of the film "Psychos," directed by Sandy Chukhadarian. Angelica Chitwood

It’s not easy to get a break as an actress in Hollywood. But Angelica Chitwood has managed to keep herself engaged as an actor for over a decade. It has been a long journey, which began as a child artist, but now she is ready to take on bigger challenges like the new soul album she is working on. In an exclusive interview with International Business Times Australia, Chitwood discussed her career and her most recent film titled “Psychos.”

Chitwood’s mother is an acting teacher and her father is a musician. They had a big influence on the actress but more importantly they supported her to pursue her dream.

“They influenced me greatly, but I immediately had a love for both acting and music, and started to excel and take a major interest in both. My parents just followed me with knowledge and support. I had a somewhat unconventional childhood, since a large part of it was spent on set, working as a child actor. Then I trained and did many productions on my high school years. I was always performing,” Chitwood said.

Chitwood is playing the lead role in the horror drama movie “Psychos.” The film has been directed by Sandy Chukhadarian and is available on VOD right now.

“My character is a sexy, angry, alpha, speaks her mind, prone to addiction-type. ‘Psychos’ is the story of three women, acting revenge on the people that abused them when they were children. The movie has a great twist in the end, as well,” Chitwood teased.

Acting is not the only passion for Chitwood. She is also interested in music. When asked how she manages her career with both acting commitments and working on her new album, she said that she works on her music in between movie projects.

“I just do music when I can. Even though I give myself personal deadlines, because I produce it all independently right now, I have all creative control,” she explained. Chitwood is aiming to release her new music album by October.

“It will be a piano based, lounge-soul music,” Chitwood said about her music album. “In the vein of Adele and Sade. I plan to feature my father on a few tracks, as well, on this album.”

“I want to strip down my music in this next project. No production, nothing fancy. Just raw, naked, soul. Music at its simplest. It's an album about love,” Chitwood said.