'The Last Kingdom'
A picture of Alexander Dreymon as Uhtred of Bebbanburg in the TV series "The Last Kingdom." Facebook/ The Last Kingdom

A preview video of “The Last Kingdom” series 2 episode 3 has been released online. It shows how Uhtred is adjusting to his new life, as he and Halig embark on a journey across the sea. The following article contains spoilers.

After facing impossible battles on land, and winning them, Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) will be out in the sea in the next episode. The scene of a storm promises to be the best graphics on the show yet. A Viking galley will carry the hero across the ocean, to be sold in slavery.

In the preview video [see below] Uhtred is seen chained to the ship and working hard with the other men, who are meant to be sold as slaves. Even in this desperate hour the hero is defiant and cheeky. He wants his chains removed so he and the other men can “work faster.” That, of course, will not happen, and the men will have to drown if the ship sinks in the storm.

Uhtred and the other men are busy emptying the water on the ship, which threatens to drown them in “The Last Kingdom’ series 2 episode 3. While the future looks a little bleak for the hero, there is still hope.

King Alfred (David Dawson) considered sending Ragnar (Tobias Santelmann) to find his brother. However, he may not have permission to cross the sea. But, getting out of a cage opens up a lot of possibilities for the character.

Uhtred has a string of bad luck when it comes to choosing a king to serve. While Alfred was too concerned about humbling the warrior before him, Guthred (Thure Lindhardt) is too weak to have a strong leader serve under him.

The new king took Abbot Eadred’s (David Schofield) advice and allied himself with Uhtred’s uncle Aelfric (Joseph Millson). This opportunistic alliance may give Guthred over 200 men, but it has earned him the enmity of a powerful warrior who is not likely to forgive or forget the betrayal.

In a previous interview posted on the YouTube channel of Ken Belt, The author of the book series on which the TV show is based, Bernard Cornwell, explained that the making of England actually began in the south and then it gradually spread north. Uhtred will follow this same course, and as the story progresses; the character will travel further north.

Dreymon teased in that interview that his character gets pulled back south later. So, King Guthred can expect a visit from the hero in a future episode of “The Last Kingdom” series 2.

Credit: YouTube/ BBC