“The Block” Season 11 pair Whitney Nolan and Andrew Simmons has reportedly split up. Whitney allegedly dumped Andrew for being a "cry baby" and not being in control of his life. The two met on Tinder two years ago but suffered a setback in their relationship while participating on “The Block.” Andrew seemed to have some difficulty coping with the high-intensity and stressful situations that the reality show bombarded its contestants with.

Whitney, 29, confirmed that they ended their relationship weeks ago when they started filming the final week of "The Block" 2015.

“Officially it has just ended, but in my eyes it was weeks ago, when we started working on the communal level... We both knew it was going to happen because I wasn’t happy for a little while,” Whitney told Woman’s Day.

A Channel Nine spokesperson also confirmed the news adding that the breakup was mutual and Whitney and Andrew are still friends. The spokesperson wished them the best for their future and acknowledged the fact that they were “great competitors.”

However, the real reason for “The Block: Blocktagon” couple’s split was blamed on the frequent emotional breakdowns that Andrew suffered. This made it difficult for Whitney to continue participating in the show. According to her, she took the inevitable step of parting ways with Andrew.

“That’s not a bad thing, but I think sometimes you need to man up a bit and take control,” Whitney commented on Andrew’s tendency to be overly emotional.

This is not a standalone case of couples breaking up after participating in the show. In 2014, “The Block: Fan vs. Faves” participants Steve O'Donnell and Chantelle Ford, who won $736,000, broke up after the show gave them a harrowing time. Madi and Jarrod Coppock, the 2013 runners-up of "The Block: Sky High," got divorced after winning $291,000. Fans are calling this “The Block Curse.”

According to News.com.au, Andrew has been very much affected by the breakup and is willing to get back together with Whitney. The two reportedly had to be counselled after they found it hard to cope with the pressures and constant criticism on social media. Andrew experienced multiple stress-related emotional breakdowns which could have led Whitney to think that he cannot be strong enough to face difficult situations in life.

Despite her split with Andrew, Whitney still thanked “The Block” for speeding up the inevitable. She said that now that she's single, she's currently ready to mingle.

Watch the real reason Andy broke down on "The Block"

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