Suzi Taylor collapsed on the set of “The Block 2015” and was found unconscious on Monday, Nov. 9. She was taken to the hospital for treatment and eventually released after her condition returned to normal. The reason for her collapse was attributed to an anxiety attack that she suffered due to extremely stressful situations created by Channel 9's reality show. However, some sources have revealed that the 1991 Australian Penthouse Pet actually collapsed because of excessive partying.

“They’ve said she collapsed from ‘exhaustion’, but the exhaustion was also the result of non-stop partying throughout the Spring Racing Carnival,” the source said, according to

The 44-year-old contestant collapsed just days after her topless photos, in various stages of undress, surfaced. reports that the photos were taken by a person on another boat at the Docklands on Thursday, Nov. 12.

In the photos, she is seen dancing on a boat and posing for the camera wearing only a pink G-string bikini and heels. Her breasts are fully exposed. The former Penthouse model was partying after Crown Oaks day in Melbourne.

The brunette seemed quite embarrassed by the photo leak and instantly blamed a close friend for breaking her trust and betraying her.

“They’re not the most flattering photos of me, I’ve got plenty more beautiful photos," Suzi said in a Gold Coast Bulletin report.

"I didn’t realise they would surface as I was close friends with the person who took them and leaked them,” she added.

"The Block" contestant defended herself by saying that she likes having fun but wouldn't do that in public. She said that it was a private party, after all. Plus, she's used to going topless on Gold Coast beaches. Taylor also admitted to being a party girl for as long as she can remember. However, she did say that she learned a lesson about choosing her friends better.

But the real estate agent denied claims that she collapsed due to excess partying and still attributed it to “pure exhaustion.” She even thanked Channel 9 for the support.

Channel 9 has reportedly cut back Taylor’s promotional commitments, according to Pedestrian TV. The Victoria Police also refused to get involved in the case and therefore took no action.

Suzi Taylor has been competing with her 39-year-old friend Yvonne Cosier on Channel 9’s "The Block." Auctions for the reality show are about to take place on Saturday, Nov. 21. The finals will be aired shortly afterwards. The specific date has not been announced yet.

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