Suzi Taylor recently passed out on the set of “The Block” Season 11 and it has once again put the spotlight on reality shows. Taylor’s collapse also raised a lot of questions on the ill effects of these shows on their participants. In a bid to create a high-intensity, drama-filled atmosphere, reality shows put contestants under extremely stressful situations, difficult tasks and tight deadlines. Some of these shows seem to be pushing contestants to such limits that health scares have become commonplace.

Suzi, one of the ten contestants on the Nine Network series, was found unconscious in South Yarra on Monday where "The Block" set is located. 3AW reports that an ambulance was called immediately on Commercial Road at around 10:50 am.

She was treated at the scene by paramedics before being taken to Alfred Hospital though she was discharged soon in stable condition. A Channel 9 spokesman confirmed that Taylor, a former model, was "suffering from exhaustion."

Fellow "The Block" stars Andrew Simmons and Whitney Nolan also claimed that they too went through a lot of panic attacks and emotional breakdowns when they were on the series, according to Simon and Shannon Vos , the 2014 winners of the show, have even confessed that they lost seven kilos from a minimal diet of coffee, burgers and pizza. They even said that they didn't sleep for 54 hours straight.

However, " The Block" co-creator Julian Cress disputed claims that the show has become unsafe for contestants.

“We take our duty of care very seriously and we proudly stand on our record of making 11 series of the show without putting anybody into a psych ward,” Cress said in the report.

Although this popular renovation series has a history of such health scares, it is not the only one that has been under fire for compromising the well-being of its participants. “The Biggest Loser” ("TBL"), an extreme weight loss show, has also seen several contestants being rushed to the hospital.

In an interview with New Idea Magazine, Tracy Moores said that's it's only a matter of time before someone gets seriously sick or even dies in the show. Her statement nearly came true when "TBL Families" star Moses Auvales, had to be rushed to the hospital with a possible inflamed heart. Luckily for him, it wasn't as serious as that. He did experience chest pains but was released from the hospital and allowed to get back on the show.

Suzi, 44, is a Gold Coast real estate agent and is competing on "The Block" 2015 with her friend, 39-year-old fitness studio manager Yvonne Cosier. They are collectively known on the show as "The Single Mums." Taylor made headlines in August when she revealed that she had posed for Penthouse 25 years ago.

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