Party-fuelled exhaustion, scandals and nude photo leaks seem to be the bread and butter of reality shows. Controversial "The Block" Blocktagon Season 11 contestant Suzi Taylor has been scaled back by Channel Nine from all promotional commitments after her lewd photos of partying on a boat right after Oaks Day surfaced online and became the talk of the town. The strong action was taken against her after she refused to apologise for her scandalous and wild partying ways.

“I’ve been a party girl since I can remember. When you work in this industry you ­become friends with other ­people in the industry and you get invited to parties. I don’t have any regrets,” Suzi said in a report from The Daily Telegraph.

However, Channel Nine is surely not happy about the whole incident. A spokeswoman of the network confirmed that Suzi is still at home recovering from her collapse but would not divulge further details.

“She will not be doing any press until after the auction,” Channel Nine's spokeswoman said in the same report.

Reports though suggest that Channel Nine has become extremely concerned by "The Block" 2015 contestant's partying during the 2015 Spring Carnival.

“Our prime concern is her health. She is resting,” another Channel Nine spokesman said in a report from The West Australian via Yahoo News.

The New Daily reported earlier that Suzi's "The Block" 2015 partner Vonni Cosier, is no longer in speaking terms with her. She reportedly became fed up of Taylor’s partying and attention seeking ways. Aside from recently going topless on a boat, Suzi has previously faced flak for her wild behaviour, including flirting with tradies, making provocative comments and even asking foreman Keith to “squeeze her boobs.”

Ahead of the Annual Melbourne Cup, the 1991 Penthouse Pet displayed her breasts with a cleavage-boosting black dress at the Victoria Avenue. “The Block” contestant was hard to miss due to her asset-enhancing dress.

The Daily Telegraph previously reported that 44-year-old Suzi and "The Block’s" long-time series producer Tim Wise, 47 are in a relationship. Friends of the couple revealed that the two have been dating for "several months."

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