Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon
Former "The Bachelor Australia" 2016 contestants Tiffany Scanlon and Megan Marx pose for a selfie -- their one of many photos together since the season wrapped up. Instagram/megaln.leto.marx

While some women dread ageing, “The Bachelor Australia” 2016 former contestant Tiffany Scanlon seems to be relishing it.

A month after turning the big 30, the blonde beauty took to Instagram to express her excitement over reaching the third decade of her life. She uploaded a photo of herself wearing a pink one-piece swimsuit with matching pink balloons and captioned it, “Wowowow has it been a month already?!?! What a busy month it was since our story went global!”

Tiffany may be referring to the Instagram post that sent fans abuzz, wherein she and fellow bachelorette Megan Marx practically declared their feelings for each other. A day before her 30th birthday, Tiffany shared Megan took her to a flight over the Abrolhos Islands to celebrate. “It was truly mind blowingly spectacular and with my favourite person in the world,” she wrote. “This photo sums us up perfectly, me bossing Megan to pose for a photo and her trying to ruin it but failing because she's too beautiful!”

Flash forward to one month after and Tiffany appears to be as happy and enthusiastic. She wrote, “So far 30 has been pretty bloody exciting! If this is how it continues then it could very well be the greatest year of my life!” It wasn’t all smiles at first, as Tiffany also revealed that she felt “a bit down” for not achieving the things she thought she wanted to before turning 30.

She realised, however, that there are so many things she has achieved and experienced that she could not have even dreamt of. Tiffany then offered a positive reminder to her followers, saying, “Age really is just a number peeps! While I wish I had the party stamina of my younger self, [I] wouldn't take away the wisdom and [self-knowledge] that can only come with age.”

Tiffany ended the long caption with the witty line, “30 really is the new black.”

She and Megan appeared to find love after their stint on “The Bachelor Australia” 2016, wherein star Riche Strahan chose Alex Nation. Since their exit from the hit reality show, Megan and Tiffany have shared photos of themselves together, with most fans assuming that they’ve morphed from being rivals over one man to the best of friends. In August, the two clued in fans about how close they are with a series of topless photos on Instagram.

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