An Australian radio station is on the verge of declaring one of their popular shows as “Kardashian-free zone.”

Kate Ritchie, Tim Blackwell and Marty Sheargold--hosts of the Sydney-based radio station Nova 96.9 have decided to stop discussing the famous reality show-based family on their show. The hosts announced the ban live on air, reports.

“Well that’s what I’ve proposed to the team,” Sheargold is quoted as saying to

“I said as a show, let’s stop talking about these people, because they’re awful, awful human beings, the Kardashians. We’ve talked about them enough,” she added. Sheargold also added that she would only discuss the Kardashians on her show if there is a death of one of the members of the family.

“As I always say, it’s a funeral I’d attend to make sure they’re dead,” she said.

However insensitive these remarks by Sheargold may sound because of the reference to death, the show received numerous calls and tweets from people who supported the stand of banning the reference to the Kardashians. One of the listeners told the radio show that the Kardashian family is “disgusting.”

The hosts also discussed the insensitivity of the family while tackling Lamar Odom's recent hospitalisation. The team found it disturbing that Kim Kardashian and her sisters had cameras for their reality show in tow when they went to see Odom in the hospital.

According to Maureen Callahan from, the Kardashians “made a story” out of Odom's grave illness too. Callahan is aghast at how the cameras showed “Kris and her daughters outside the hospital, dressed in designer black dresses as if they were all widowed first ladies, straining to show distress on perfectly made-up, Botoxed faces.”

Meanwhile, Odom is still in hospital but in a conscious state. He also expressed his love for his soon-to-be ex-wife Khloe Kardashian, who is by his side and taking all his medical decisions.

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