China’s version of pop culture icon Kim Kardashian West has just gotten married in a lavish ceremony. Known by her monicker “Angelababy,” Chinese actress Yeung Ming married fellow actor Huang Xiaoming in an event which reportedly cost AU$50 million.

According to Yahoo, 2000 guests were invited to the Yeung-Huang nuptials, trumping Kardashian’s lavish wedding to rapper Kanye West which was kept down to an intimate list of 200 guests.

While Kim and Kanye celebrated their union in Paris and Florence, their Chinese counterparts held their ceremony on home soil. The 200,000 square-foot space at the Shanghai Exhibition Center, was filled with 75 tables to accommodate all the guests. The attendees were a mix of the couple’s close friends and family, as well as numerous members of the press.

A giant wall of flowers was also erected at the Yeung-Huang wedding, just like the Kardashian-West event. The Mirror reports that the bride wore a bespoke ivory satin organza gown made by Christian Dior. Her wedding ring features a 6-carat diamond.

Angelababy and her groom also went to Paris before her wedding and did a pre-nuptial photo shoot featuring the iconic Eiffel Tower.The wedding was reportedly heavily sponsored and publicised.

The Chinese wedding was highly monetised in contrast to Kim and Kanye’s wedding. The Kardashian-West wedding was actually one of the few moments in their lives that was kept private. The events leading up to the wedding were filmed for “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” but the actual ceremony has been kept private.

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